★Steven Universe★

Okay, I’ll say it- I love Steven Universe! Considering the massive growth from this series-both comics and show- it’s no surprise how much people enjoy it. I remember watching the pilot and said, “Woah, this is new.” The designs alone from the pilot were strange to see on Cartoon Network, though they did have them changed to a more simple design. Not strange in a bad way, but strange to see such a complex design on a usually simplistic-style channel. Still, this series is phenomenal! It joins the progressive group of cartoons, fully accepting characters and giving reality-based views on relationships. The designs, both pilot and simple, are adorable.

Now you’re probably wondering why:

  1. Why are you blogging so late about this?
  2. Why is a show on a fashion blog?

Well, as I keep re-watching current episodes, I can’t help but notice the different styles and colors that go with everyone’s personality. I mean, each character has their own distinct color and costume, mostly connecting with their real life forms *ahem, the gems*. It’s one of the things I love about the show; seeing the different designs they come up with for gems as well as Steven and others, even squealing over the scenery and music that perfectly fit the situations.

My favorite part of this show is the fan base itself! Seriously, have you seen the fanart for it? The gemsonas, ships, fusions, or just re-draws are gorgeous! (Some of my favorites down below.)

Bismuth by Yamino on deviantart
Tiger Eye by AskPrincesMultifruit on deviantart
Sardonyx*before reveal* by cartoonlion on deviantart

Needles to say, I think the impact of designs for gems have influenced so many different kinds of artwork. The fan base is so much fun to see, and has so much potential to actually become a character in the show( I HOPE.) I’m honestly thinking of ways to incorporate such influence into my own creations, weather it be now or in the future.

That’s all I have for today, I hope you enjoy. And please, watch Steven Universe!



Hey guys! This is very late as this was the last look I made. This is a simple bandu top made of 100% cotton, and a maxi skirt made from a polyester spandex blend, both fabrics canary yellow. I’m sorry, I forgot to upload it, so here you go! Thanks for viewing!

Woke and Unspoken

Oh you thought you were getting only 1 post? NAH. We don’t do it like that here. This next doodle I’m about to show you is a sketch of this current look I have finished. The name? It’s a secret for now, but you’ll find out soon. Take a look:


Cool, right? Thank you. Ahem
The model is wearing a shawl made from an oriental print red and black brocade fabric, a black A-line dress made from a polyester-nylon blend, both pieces adorned with gold trimming. I honestly have to say this sketch is another one of my favorites. Definitely gonna have to swipe my board this year when it’s over. Thank you for tuning in!

Woke and Unspoken

Okay so I know it has been SUCH a long time since posting! I’m so sorry, but there’s no excuse: I’m lazy. However, I am back with some new content!!
So lately I have been improving on my dress/skirt sketching skill, and in the span of two weeks I think I’m pretty good. Let me show you a few of my sketches!




Those were just a few I’ve worked on, but there are more sketches I’m doing now. Thank you for waiting this long, I know you just can’t go on without entertainment(cough joking). There’s more to come so stay tuned!


Hey! Sorry guys it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been kinda lazy(Forgive me!). But now I’m back, so let’s discuss one of my guilty pleasures in fashion. Metallic fabrics. What else is there to say? They’re fabulous, bold, and shiny! I mean just putting one metallic garment on makes you look like a style expert. How far does wearing metallic go back? Well to no surprise, metallic apparel has been in human history. How so? Well at first it was just used as decorations for thousands of years. Continue reading